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Access, Excel & More™ Creates Solutions

At Access, Excel & More™ we do more than just create spreadsheets and databases, we solve business problems.  Over the years we have created a number of specialized solutions for business problems.  

The most powerful solutions are often the simplest, finding them sometimes requires thinking out of the box.  Some examples of which we are particularly proud follow:

Timekeeping to Payroll

A major architectural and engineering firm was spending many hours each week re-keying data from their job costing system into payroll.  In addition to the lost clerical time, the process introduced errors that had to be caught and fixed before employees could be paid.  

We developed the system using Microsoft Access.  It extracted the job cost data and put it into a file that could be directly imported into the Paychex payroll system.  

The timekeeping system vendor quoted a price that was six- times what Access, Excel & More™ charged.  This inexpensive system quickly paid for itself in clerical costs and improved payroll accuracy.

Manufacturing Progress

A capital equipment builder came to Access, Excel & More™ with a unique problem.  They had purchased a very expensive manufacturing ERP and scheduling system.  However, to use the scheduling component of the system they needed to report progress on operations in their jobs in terms of numbers of pieces completed in a shift.  Since the manufacturer made large pieces and an operation to produce a single piece could take 40 or more hours, this was not practical.

Access, Excel & More solved the problem with a simple Visual Basic program that they ran once a day.  It reset the quantity complete through the operation based on the number of hours reported to the job.  It was a simple, inexpensive and very effective solution to this manufacturer's problem.

Tax Form Completion

A mid-sized Ohio-based company needed a system that would allow them to easily complete the complex Ohio Worker's Comp form. 

We designed a simple Crystal Report that used information that was already in their payroll system to automatically fill out the forms, quickly and accurately.  This inexpensive report paid for itself in the first year of use.


A small electronics distributor needed an efficient way to report sales information to one of their key vendors.  Accurate reporting of this information via EDI was critical to keeping their rights to distribute this vendor's products.

Normally, translating EDI data out of a company's line-of-business system into EDI software is an expensive programming project.  By thinking out-of-the-box, we created a Crystal Report that extracted the required data to a file that could then be imported to the EDI software for transmission to the vendor.  Unconventional?  Yes.  Effective and cheap?  You betcha!

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