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Building Solutions, not Programs

Like any other aspect of business, creating solutions for your specific business problems requires a defined process to ensure quality results.

Access, Excel & More™ believes that the quality of the process defines the quality of the outcome.  We have developed a simple process that we believe maximizes the opportunity to create a good outcome for your business.

Obviously not all projects require all of these steps nor will all projects require that these steps be very formal.  The way in which the Solution Building Process is applied is dependent upon the requirements of the project and the needs of your business.


To successfully develop a solution for your business problems, Access, Excel & More™ needs to know more than just the broad outlines of the solution that you expect.  We need to understand your business' operations and goals.

This process of discovery starts with our first conversation and never really ends.  Don't be surprised if on our first visit, we ask to see your operations before we discuss the meat of the problem which you have called us to discuss.  

We always remember that fixing issues with your business processes requires understanding your business.

Problem Identification

The problem that you initially call us to solve, may not be the one that we actually end up solving.  

One of the key advantages of using Access, Excel & More™ to create solutions is the depth of our experience in business and our willingness to dig through the symptoms to get at the root problem.  

Requirements Definition

Once the problem has been identified, we will help you identify what is required to solve the problem.  

The requirements definition may be very formal or very informal depending upon the scale of the anticipated solution and your needs as an organization.


The requirements definition leads to a solution specification.  This is simply a document that lays out what is required to solve your specific business problem.  Again, this may be a highly formal or very informal document, depending upon the situation.

Quote & Cost Justification

Access, Excel & More™ strongly believes that software must provide real benefit to the organization that purchases it.  Cost savings are one of the ways in which companies can justify the software as an investment rather than an expense.  

In today's business environment these savings are usually not the result of personnel savings, most businesses don't have employees available to cut.  Instead cost savings (or cost avoidance) are often the result of better management of inventory, customers and business requirements.

Solution Creation

Once we have defined the solution, Access, Excel & More™ can begin to create it.  


Software testing is important because it provides the best guarantee that the software will work as planned.  We will work with you to develop and implement a software testing strategy for your custom application.  


There are few areas of solution creation that guarantee greater long-term success than documenting how the software is to be used.  Documentation provides a baseline for continued use of the solution.  

As part of our solution development service, we will create user documentation to ensure on-going correct use of the software.


The final step in the solution development process is deployment of the finished solution. 

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