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As small-business owners ourselves, we know that no small or mid-sized business can afford to pay consultants forever. At some point, you must have a solution that will run without outside help. We believe that an important part of our mission is to help you achieve the goal of “consultant independence.”

Sometimes this "consultant independence" comes from purchasing ready made reports where they are well suited to the specific needs of the business.  It can also come from having a consultant develop reports that will meet the needs of the business on an on-going basis.  

In businesses where the information requirements are relatively static, or fairly generic this "write reports and leave" solution is the best way to go since the reports are not likely to be tinkered with on an ongoing basis and the costs of having someone else develop them are less than the cost of sacrificing the productivity of a valuable company employee to accomplish this essential task.

In businesses that have large custom reporting requirements, or where there is a constant need for new reporting, it is better to have an in-house resource available to write reports.  We can help there too.  

You can use the expertise of Access, Excel & More™ in Crystal Reports and our extensive knowledge of business to gain the maximum benefit for your training dollar.  Unlike your local Crystal Reports training center, we will custom tailor a training approach designed to get information from YOUR data.

Good reporting comes from a mixture of understanding business and the technology.  Access, Excel & Mores™ experts posses these abilities as well as the teaching skills to transfer them to your employees. 

The most important thing that we can do for your business is to transfer the knowledge that we have to your employees. By teaching your employees to create custom Crystal Reports we help your company become self-sufficient. 

Contact us today to learn more about how Access, Excel & More™ can help your company find the information required to run your business.

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