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So you stuck you neck out and bought that brand new computer system everybody said you needed. You knew that the it would help organize work, make everybody more efficient and allow critical information to be available at the “push of a button.” Two out of three isn’t bad.

If you now have the unpleasant feeling that you spent a bushel basket of money to lose control of your business, we can help.

Access, Excel & More™ specializes in extracting useful information from the data that exists in your computer system. We understand that your business is unique. We are prepared to help harness your information to gain the competitive edge.

Can the Reports

Your new system came with some “canned” reports. These are the standard reports that the computer salesperson told you would be sufficient to run your business.

And they just might be. Sufficient that is. Sufficient only if you are willing to wade through reams of reports every day. Who has time for that?

There are two problems with most standard reports:

  • They are written by programmers, not by business people.
  • They were created for some “generic business” that bears little relationship to the one that you actually run.

It’s In There

The really frustrating part is knowing the information you need is in the computer!

Every day your employees enter stuff into it. Stuff that you could use to make better, more informed decisions.

Access, Excel & More™ can help. We provide custom reporting solutions that allow you to use the information in your computer system to gain competitive advantage.

More than Just a Bunch of Nerds

We will help you develop a powerful reporting strategy for your business. As important as knowing how to get the information from your system, is knowing what information to get.

With our backgrounds in business and accounting, we have the knowledge required to provide rock-solid direction and advice. We will help you decide what information you need and how to report on it. After all, reporting the on wrong information is worse than no reporting at all.

While our technical skills allow us to extract information and put it in an easily accessible form, it is our understanding of business that sets us apart. Creating the reports that you rely on to run your business is too important to be left to nerds.

The Road to Self-Sufficiency

There is an old adage that says:

Give a person a fish and you feed them for a day. Teach that person to fish and you feed them for life.

As small-business owners ourselves, we know that no small or mid-sized business can afford to pay consultants forever. At some point, you must have a solution that you can run without outside help. We believe that an important part of our mission is to help you achieve the goal of “consultant independence.”

The most important thing that we can do for your business is to transfer the knowledge that we have to your employees. By teaching your employees to “fish” we help your company become self-sufficient.

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