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Access, Excel & More™ understands the technologies that you need to run your business.  In addition to a solid understanding of your business's needs, we also have the skills needed to help you select and use appropriate technologies for solving your business's information and workflow problems.  We regularly work with the following solution building tools:


Access is Microsoft's powerful database and data analysis tool.  Access can be used when your business has a need to store or interact with data from a number of sources.  Whether being used to build a custom data storage solution, or integrating data from a number of different sources, Access provides a powerful and cost effective solution to your business's data needs.


Most PC users cut their eye teeth on Excel or Lotus 123.  Spreadsheets were the original "killer app" for PC's and remain the tool of choice for many business data analysis tasks.  

Access, Excel & More™ can help you maximize your Excel based solutions.  Whether you need a new spreadsheet created from the ground up or you need help integrating external data into your existing spreadsheet, call us.

Crystal Reports

Crystal Reports is a powerful tool for developing mission critical reports on your business's data.  Crystal Reports can be used to build real-time reports on your business's operational data to allow for better executive decision making.


FRx is the gold standard for developing financial reports from data that is in your accounting system.  Designed to integrate to a number of industry standard accounting packages including Great Plains, MAS90, Best Enterprise Suite and others, FRx provides the information that you need in the format that you require.  

Visual Basic

When your solution requirements go beyond what can be reliably supplied using one of the tools above, we use the premier business system development tool -- Visual Basic -- to craft a robust and reliable solution.  Visual Basic provides the power and control necessary to create cost effective, technically capable systems that meet your business needs.